when a woman loves…r.kelly

Image © Jive Records/Sony Music.

It isn’t just the sound…it’s the look and the feel of it. A cool warmth. An homage to an era past. From the throwback look of the cover art to the b&w understated video. The first time I heard when a woman loves, was due to a friend saying ‘you have to hear this song’ . He wanted me to take a listen to the vocals. He is a Sam Cooke fan (and to say fan is putting it lightly). A friend told him that he  had to hear this song because it sounds just like Sam Cooke. Not so, he pointed out emphatically…

R. Kelly sounds like Jackie Wilson in this song.

Anyone who says it sounds  like Sam Cooke,

doesn’t know Sam Cooke!

Not to take away from how much he does like the song (and Jackie Wilson), he went on to point out that Sam Cooke has a smooth sound and did not go through all those different ranges like Jackie Wilson — I agree.  when a woman loves is old style traditional R&B. We don’t get songs like this anymore, so it is a pleasant surprise. You hear more of the great vocals rather than the music.  The video is cool and crisp. R. Kelly is sure to get a wide range of listeners with this one…




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